David Bowie: The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

After his melancholic and dreamy Where Are We Now, David Bowie's second single after more than ten years of silence is out to wake you up with a blast of electric guitars. It's pure Bowie—and it's great. Watch the video, starring the always incredible Tilda Swinton and David Bowie himself—who I wish went back to star in another movie too (Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence caliber, not Labyrinth).


As Neil McCormick says in the Telegraph this morning:

it's a swinging, urgent rocker with an edgy little lead guitar motif and the kind of swaggering one-note declamatory vocal Bowie has been pulling off since the days of Ziggy Stardust. The track's driving forward momentum is counterbalanced by the melodic sweetness of Bowie's own "ooh ooh" backing vocals, a sheen of swimming strings and a Motown-style bridge.

Unlike Neil—who already has the album and has given it five stars in his review—I've only listened to it three times before writing this post. I love it. It's a great rocking song, up there with some of his best (for some reason it reminds me of Cat People and Station to Station, even while it's nothing like those).

You can pre-order David's new album at [iTunes and Amazon]


This is definitely my most anticipated album in a long time. I listened to this track on repeat pretty much all last night. I'm hoping David Bowie's well enough to do at least a small tour, as I never had a chance to see him in the past and really want to.