David Liebe Hart Band: La Rent Doesn't Want Me To Look At Porn

You may know Mr. David Liebe Hart Band from his work on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! You should also know that he has his own punk band now, and among their songs are hits like this one.


Aside from being deliciously insane, "La Rent Doesn't Want Me To Look At Porn" is just plain good. You can't tell me that it isn't extremely catchy, and Hart's vibrato, while supemely strange, isn't bad and adds a really unique flavor to the song. The lyrics are, well, the lyrics. Scrub the video back to its proper beginning, and you can watch a minute long explanation of who La Rent is and why he's (it's) so against porn. You'd best watch that part and remember it; someone is bound to ask you what you're talking about when you wind up walking around singing this to yourself. [YouTube]

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Watch from the beginning so that you get the story for the song. Shit is getting weird in the good ole US of A.