Don’t believe me? Watch this new trailer and see for yourself. Building off the recently released clip of White Canary getting in a bar brawl in the ‘70s, this promo really plays up the “wacky band of misfits” saving the universe to a ‘70s music soundtrack.

Sure, the Legends crew is using their timeship to guard the timestream instead of using a spaceship to guard the galaxy, and T. Rex’s “Bang a Gong” is a little more rockin’ than Blue Swede’s “Hooked on a Feeling,” but I’d say the sentiment is definitely there. Plus, please compare this LoT tagline—“Not all good. Not all bad. But they’re all we got.”—is just a touch reminiscent of Star-Lord’s line “Something good. Something bad. Bit of both.” Honestly, since the Legends are made up of actual heroes and villains, it works even better here than it did in GotG.


Honestly, this a savvy marketing movie on The CW and DC’s part. Now the real question is if Legends of Tomorrow will bring than Guardians of the Galaxy’s same sense of fun when it premieres next week, on January 21st. It won’t have a talking raccoon, but it will have Wentworth Miller’s hilariously droll Captain Cold, so that’s a very good start.

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