DC's Office Comedy Powerless Has Way Less Office Comedy Now

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Powerless used to be about a young woman working at an insurance company in the DC universe, catering to bystanders caught up in superpowered brawls. But then its premise underwent a major re-working, and now a new TV spot for the show shows us just how different it is.


Vanessa Hudgens’ protagonist Emily Locke is no longer an employee at insurance company RetCon, but instead the new head of R&D at Wayne Security—a subdivision of Bruce Wayne’s vast corporation that apparently builds gadgets to help the public safeguard itself from superpowered moments of hysteria and public property destruction. Which means the cast no longer really works in an office, and instead, as you can see in the trailer below, in a zany research lab where wacky products are tested (and fail miserably in the process):

It’s a pretty radical change from the footage we first saw last year—although some moments from the original pilot still seem to remain, and there’ll still be some of the office comedy hijinks, judging by the board room scene briefly shown in the clip.

But it’s clear from this trailer that Powerless is a bit more out there now, beyond its original form, with a fair amount of extra slapstick thrown in and around its goofy superhero premise. That might actually be a good thing, considering when we saw the pilot at Comic-Con the humdrum nature of the office setting was one of the weaker points of the show. Maybe the refreshed setting lets Powerless share its love of obscure DC continuity a bit more?

We’ll find out if it’s improved soon enough—Powerless will premiere on February 2nd.

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They should have tied it into the Blue Beetle instead of Batman, so the show could just be called Better off Ted Kord.