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Germany has brought us numerous things both good and bad. It's almost like a trade-off. We get to drive our Mercedes-Benz around as long as we're cool with scat-porn and horrible metal bands. Well here's another tradeoff from Deutschland: Dead cats for cheaper fuel! That's right. Christian Koch, 55, from the eastern county of Saxon scoops up dead cats off the road (no harm done I suppose, right?) and engineers an alternative-style diesel fuel. It's gotta be working since he's gone 106,000 miles on the mixture already. Sure it's pissing off animal-rights activists, but with gas as pricey as it is nowadays, I'm game for slaughtering a few cute looking cats to save $10.00 at the pump.

Inventor fuels car with dead cats [CNN]

UPDATE - Oh, also the guy never said anything about cats. It's a Teutonic HOAX!