Dealzmodo: 24-in-1 USB Memory Card Reader, $10 Shipped

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So today I am featuring an exclusive "What Travis Needs" Dealzmodo. I recently purchased a DSLR camera—I actually used my keen, frugal shopping skills to find an older generation Canon Digital Rebel on eBay.The camera was delivered yesterday and I have no intention on plugging that beast into my computer every time I want to download pictures. So, off I went hunting for the best deal on a memory card reader. I was looking for the cheapest card reader with the best functionality.

This off-brand memory card reader should be able to do it. It supports 24 different types of memory cards, mainly including the only two that I use: CF and SD. It transfers at USB 2.0 speeds, and I am learning that DSLR cameras produce large ass images, so speed is crucial. Lastly, the biggest cherry on top of this deal is the free shipping to the United States. Can't go wrong with free shipping.

Product Page [Meritline]