Death and Taxes 2011 Shows Where Your Money Is Going

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You paid your taxes, the government got your pesos, and here's where the President wants to spend them in 2011. Death and Taxes keeps being my favorite chart every year. Guess who gets the biggest cake piece (again).


The poster shows the spending of each department graphically: The bigger the circle, the larger the share of the total budget. It contains almost every program that at least gets 200 million dollars every year in the Federal discretionary budget. That's over 500 programs and departments. The 2011 budget—which is President Obama's second—still has to be debated, amended, and approved by Congress.

The winner this year is, once again, the war machine. 713 billion, a 2 percent increase from last year, and a 91% increase from 10 years ago.

Looking at where your money is going on your wall will cost you an extra $24 dollars (there's a discount code for Gizmodo readers: BOGO. It will get you one poster free if you buy one). [Death And Taxes]



Almost everything we have today to include the might and prosperity of our country is because of the military or the Idea of going to war. WWI advanced flight to heights never imagined at the time, WWII advanced everything from microwave technology, cell phones, nuclear power and more. The Cold War is reason we went to space and landed on the moon, have satellites that allow your Smart Phone to do all the magic it does and the advancement of the internet and the list goes on and on. The American military also performs a vast amount of humanitarian missions and does more actual good for the people of the world than the Peace Corps.

So keep funding the military