Death and Taxes Shows Fascinating, Terrible View on Military Tech Spending

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Death and Taxes 2009 is a detailed graphical account showing where your tax dollars will go next year in the most detailed and fascinating way: Everything is set to scale according to the amount of money spent on it, showing the amazing weight that military-related spending has in the total Federal budget. It's just mindblowing to see it all with one look. It's easy to get amazed with military technology and, like with Dubai's architecture and its slaves, I keep forgetting how much money really gots into developing hypersonic missiles, airborne lasers, invisible bombers, next generation fighters, body piercing tanks, torpedoes capable of splitting a huge ship in two, ever-vigilant drones, scary helmets, and other deadly gadgets. When you zoom in the interactive map, the numbers are just staggering. Click to view


For sure, the military research and manufacturing that Darpa or companies like Boeing and Lockheed Martin do not only push the scientific and industrial envelope-with long term benefits for everyone-and some may argue that it provides with work and fuels the economy-although this is kind of a fallacy and a vicious circle-but seriously, is this the only way to achieve it? What about the rest of the stuff? Hopefully, this will all change. Someday. [Wall Stats via Dark Roasted Blend]