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Next Generation Stealth Bombers Jump Out of Hyperspace

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The next-generation stealth bomber from Boeing/Lockheed Martin is out. Developed by Phantom Works, the large diamond-shaped body, with long wings and razor-sharp nose, resembles a long-range B-2 Spirit bomber that has been retrofitted at Darth Vader's garage: from the front, it looks kind of evil and menacing. Unlike Northrop Grumman's proposal, which is like the stealth bomber that eats too many Snickers.


Boeing Advanced Systems says that this is not a "cartoon", but a real prototype "representative of what we're doing". The new bomber won't require the development of new technologies, as they are gunning for lower costs by integrating existing ones.


The Northrop Grumman proposal for the NGP may seem chunkier and not so elegant, but apparently it has been designed to make room for a large weapon bay. As if throwing one nuclear bomb wasn't enough. [Ares via Defense Tech]