Definitely Turn Left at Next Intersection

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Artist Garvin Nolte really doesn't want to get lost. His art piece Crossroads consists of 25 various satnavs suckered to his car windscreen—all screaming out directions to the same destination. In German.

According to Nolte, the piece deals with the "influence of others onto one's own path of life in an abstract way" so we're probably supposed to look at this and ponder whether we should blindly follow advice generated automatically by a machine.

But all we can think of is how he charges them all up. And how much saliva he used to get all those suckers affixed. [Technabob]


crossroads (what to do) from Garvin Nolte on Vimeo.

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Benny Gesserit

What if they don't agree?

SN1: "Turn LEFT at the next intersection"

SN2: "No, that's not right, it's the second LEFT."

SN1: "I think I know how to get there."

SN3: "You're both wrong. It was two LEFTs back. Sorry, I was thinking of something else."

SN4: "You're all idiots. It's been 30min and he's gonna have to PEE any second. Turn RIGHT at the next intersection."

SN1,SN2,SN3: 'Waaa?"

SN4: "There's a Starbucks. He'll get a latte."