Deleting a Shortcut in Vista: Same as It Ever Was

Yesterday we got a series of screen shots from a tipster showing it apparently taking seven steps to delete a shortcut in Windows Vista. We decided to fire up our own copy of Windows Vista—this one is Beta 2, Build 5384—and we quickly and easily discovered that this series of pictures must be showing us the behavior of an early Beta of Windows Vista, and not that of the latest Beta 2 of Microsoft's upcoming operating system.

In Vista, we first turned off that infernal "confirm delete" preference once and for all in the Recycle Bin as we always do in XP, created a shortcut of the Windows Media Player, then quickly right-clicked that shortcut, selected Delete (or alternately, simply hit the Delete key on the keyboard), and it was immediately gone to the Recycle Bin with no warnings, questions or anything else. There it was, taking exactly the same number of steps to delete a shortcut that it always has, and using one less key than on a Mac. This video from Microsoft shows that this ease of deleting shortcuts was implemented after suggestions from beta testers. Skip to the the eleventh minute to see the part about deleting a shortcut.


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