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Delightfully Eccentric Lamps Make Use of Obsolete Technology

Illustration for article titled Delightfully Eccentric Lamps Make Use of Obsolete Technology

These two beautifully quirky lamps were fashioned out of obsolete technology, including aircraft compasses, railroad signal switching relays and stainless-steel ink cylinders. Creative recycling is so awesome.


The lamps were made by Alan Lishness over at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. The round bulbed one was made from a water-cooled dual processor yanked from an Apple G5 desktop, an hour meter, an aircraft compass and 40W LED bulbs.

The other one is the child of a signal switching relay manufactured by the General Railway Signal Company in 1924. The perforated cylinders used to be ink canisters designed for high-speed fabric printing. Don't they make you want to raid your garage and see what you can create? [Lishness - Thanks Alan!]

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Yeah ummm that old thing on the wall should be modded too. They are digital now.