Dell Ditching Proprietary Parts

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One of the best arguments for building your own PCs is that you make the decisions regarding parts, which means you don't have to scrap the whole system or buy sub-standard hardware from the manufacturer when it is time to upgrade. This is especially true for gaming rigs. Dell, one of the biggest offenders when it comes to this issue, has announced that proprietary parts like power supplies and motherboards will be a thing of the past.


Apparently, pressure from critics and competing devices like the Blackbird 002 from HP prompted the change— which is also evident in their decision to offer support NVIDIA's dual-card SLI or AMD's dual-card CrossFire cards. They have even taken an extra step towards openness by offering support for NVIDIA's Enthusiast System Architecture. The first gaming PC to feature these upgrades will be the "affordable" new XPS 630, which starts at $1249. [Maximum PC]

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Blackbird002 link points to [] which is a review for a carbon fiber travel guitar, not an HP gaming rig ;)