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Dell Preloading Select Computers with Iron Man

Illustration for article titled Dell Preloading Select Computers with Iron Man

We love Iron Man and really have nothing bad to say about the guy. But we were surprised to hear that customers who are personalizing their Dell's Inspiron, Studio or XPS will have the options to bump up the RAM, upgrade the video card and then preload Iron Man (in standard definition) with some extras for $20.The move is part of a broader Dell initiative that will soon offer more movie preloads and eventually a whole Dell iTunes-like digital download store. But we can't help but to think it's a little strange all the same. Then again, I, for one, would pay big bucks for an Iron Man co-branded antivirus software package. How great would it be to watch Iron Man beat the crap out of malicious files? Pew pew! Kapowee!! [Dell]


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JrsyDevil's Advocate®

Ooh, ooh and it's got to play 'Iron Man' by Black Sabbath as it boots up.