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Dell Settles $4 Million In Complaints For Shady Service Plans and Financing Deals

Illustration for article titled Dell Settles $4 Million In Complaints For Shady Service Plans and Financing Deals

NY State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has announced that a $4 million settlement has been reached with Dell over shady service plans and financing deals. New Yorkers that have bought a Dell since 2004 may be entitled to compensation.

The settlement stemmed from complaints about Dell's service plans that promised "at home" or "on site" service, but actually left callers on hold while other callers were pressured to remove components themselves, and from complaints that Dell's financing arm "lured consumers to purchase its products" with no interest financing but switched buyers to high-interest financing without informing customers.

Cuomo said that New Yorkers who have bought Dell computers since 2004 may be eligible and that compensation could cover from the cost of a service plan, to cost of interest payments made to Dell, to cost of work done on computers that Dell was supposed to service.


I know what your thinking—Dell? No way! I Hate to break it to you, but Dell doesn't exactly have a stellar record when it comes to customer service. But there is hope for people that believe they might be eligible for compensation. New Yorkers with claims can go to or call (800) 771-7755 as Cumo put it "in the case you have a Dell computer and you cannot go on the Internet." Haha...snap. [ - Thanks Ponies!]

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Now, if Cumo can arrange to have Stephen hand deliver the refunds, I'll jump all over it.....'re getting a refund.....