Dell Wants You to Make It Suck Less with Digg Clone

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A week ago, Dell launched its customer-centered "Dell 2.0" push with its Diggish customer suggestion site, IdeaStorm, where users can post ideas and thoughts on how to improve Dell products. Other users vote on the ideas so that the most popular ones hit the front page, ensuring that a set of eyeballs at Dell scopes out your brilliance—presumably, so they can steal it.


BusinessWeek is actually a bit down on the new program, noting that the idea of "prosumption," where consumers get involved in the creative process, is not wholly innovative. Nonetheless, Dell is certainly in need of a refresh, and taking it to the people seems like a good way to go about trying to make itself relevant again, even if pulling out the "Web 2.0" trope is a bit trite.

The top suggestion right now? "Offer the 3 top free Linux versions for free pre-installation on all Dell PCs." Gotta love the Linux crew—they are persistent, if nothing else.


Hack This Product, Please! [BW]

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Amen Billege, I just had the same fucking problem, the 745's and before them the GX620's suck donkey testes... no floppy drive (constant complaints from people), no ps2 ports if the person "loves their old keyboard or mouse" or if we have a peripheral like a scanner gun we have to hunt down a converter, piss poor cpu's, 40gb hd's, although the new 745's come with 80gb's (look out future!), and 512mb of ram standard. But whatever, I don't care, I work in support, so the first thing I do is wait for an order where the person decided they needed more ram than standard, and I jack that for my machine, so I'm rocking 2gb myself. But whatever, I understand they gotta make a profit, and they're trying to offer the corporate world a basic computer, but no floppy drive, that's like $5... charge and extra $5 for a little backwards compatibility. Reading through the new suggestions though, it looks like Dell should become a Linux only shop... Linux people are loud that's for sure.