Delphi NAV200: Value-Priced GPS Navi

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Looking for a cheap GPS device? This Delphi NAV200 might just do the trick. Besides its navigation capabilities, it's also a multimedia player, an image viewer, a calculator and a world clock. It has a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen, and a built-in three hour rechargeable battery.

Insert its included 1.5GB SD card full of NavTech maps of the US and Canada, and its SiRFstar III GPS receiver chip listens to those geosynchronously orbiting birds, getting you where you need to go.

We're a little concerned about that stylus sitting next to it in the picture—hunting around for a stylus under the carseat wouldn't be too convenient barreling down the highway at 80mph. This is a touchscreen, isn't it? Even so, it still looks like a lot of GPS for $350.


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