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Denso's Smart Headlights Illuminate Hard to See Corners

Illustration for article titled Densos Smart Headlights Illuminate Hard to See Corners

Driving on dark roads can be tricky, which is why Denso created their new Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) headlights. The system works in conjunction with your GPS and moves your car's headlights according to the direction you're moving your steering wheel. As a result, the lights illuminate upcoming corners, making it safer to make turns. It's not a radical concept, but hopefully it can prevent bad drivers from smashing into other cars.


Denso Develops Headlight System That Works in Conjunction with the Navigation System [New Launches]

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yep, pretty much every modern/luxury car has had this feature. It is usually hooked up to steering wheel and speed, so that a slight steering adjustment at high speeds will have an appropriate movement vs full turns in the city.

@ Gizak - Audi R8's have a set of leds in the headlight and I believe the feature works by illuminating the leds as needed vs. a servo.