Design Concept: Cutting Board with Embedded Scale

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This design concept by Jess Griffin and Jim Termeer is a cutting board with an embedded scale in a circular area on its right half, telling you the exact weight of those ingredients you're about to place into your recipe or on your plate. The 10"x15" cutting board is designed to use electronic ink to display weight, with embedded sensor grids underneath the surface to determine the downward force of objects placed on it.

Don't be getting out that credit card just yet; the designers say the technology to build the thing is between one and five years away. The electronic ink display technology will be possible between one and five years from now, the low-current photovoltaics specified as its power source will be practical in one to three years, and the embedded sensor grids are also one to three years away.

We're thinking this is almost feasible now, but still cost-prohibitive for incorporation into a consumer product. Great idea for chefs and dieters, too, though. Maybe it could be done with more-conventional tech.


Design Page [Gifintermeer, via Sci Fi Tech]