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We talked about these a while back, but they're shipping now. Essentially, if you're going to have to use USB peripherals, you may as well make sure they're not horrifically ugly right? That's what Boynq thinks, and has brought out a nice selection of attractive designer gadgets in time for the holidays. For VoIP, check out the Art4Sound VoIP Assistant, the Notone and the Stylo, which is also a desk assistant that includes storage for your pens, pencils and desk clutter, a tape dispenser, a 3 watt USB-powered (analog audio) speaker with volume controls and passthrough for connecting a headset and a USB hub for connecting flash drives and other gadgets. Then there's the Toastit card reader and the Bogy, which is a USB extension that looks like a colorful children's toy. It's all rounded out with a USB Strip that comes in black and white and includes 4 ports, a magnetically shielded cable and is USB 2.0 compatible.

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