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Desk Lamp Rotates To Become a Light Box For Artists

Illustration for article titled Desk Lamp Rotates To Become a Light Box For Artists

If you dabble in art and design, you will immediately see the benefit of a lamp that can rotate and adjust positions to become a light box.


The appropriately titled "Sketch Lamp" is the brainchild of Ninna Kapadia and Hung-Ming Chen and, for the moment, it is still in the concept stage. Hopefully, that will change soon because light boxes are annoying, cumbersome beasts. [Ninna Kapadaia via DVICE]

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I will say, it looks interesting, but as an artist myself, I'd probably want a more dedicated space with probably more surface area (admittedly there's no real sense of scale of the model depicted) for designs on and have the lamp separately, as I'd also want my workspace to have a nearby light source constantly lit as I'm at work.