Desktop Stress Relief Rocket

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As Bill pulled out his rocket for at least the third time today, Jean lamented having to give up her old job as accounting manager for a prestigious law firm in Boston. "It's all for my son", thought Jean, as Bill furiously pumped away.

When Bill began to work up a sweat, Jean thought of telling him to go a bit easy. "You don't want to break the thing," she warned. Boy, if she had a dollar for every time a man was beating his rocket in front of her, she'd have enough for a Venti latte—not just a Grande—plus change left over for a sizable tip.

Out of nowhere, a relieved Bill exclaimed, "FINALLY!"

Stirred out of her daydream by the shout and the unique feeling of something flying past her ear, Jean decided once and for all to leave the porn industry and go back to the relative safety of numbers and ledgers.


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I recommend creating category "looks like a dong."