Developers, Show Us Your Multitasking iOS 4 Apps!

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Any minute now, the iPhones of the world will be graced with multitasking, and we're rounding up apps that are ready to take advantage of it right out of the gate.


If you're developing one, or know of someone who is, shoot us an email to let us know!



I don't know man. I have an iPod Touch and a nexus one. I don't even know why I'm bothering to update the iPod Touch, its 2G, so apple has decided that it can't process things like wallpapers (bullshit) or multitasking. My Nexus One runs Froyo now, and I'm able to use flash, all my apps are multitask and side by side to my iPod Touch, everything loads faster on my Nexus One, even the apps I've moved to my SD card.

To me, iOS 4 is too little too late. Android, WebOS and Windows Mobile have all done multitasking for years, and what apple has implemented isn't much in the way of revolutionary, and their claims of limiting in order to preserve battery life simply do not ring true to me. I'm honestly tempted to just give the damn thing away, but I keep it just incase there's some great iPhone app out there that doesn't have an android alternative that I want to use. I never really turn it on anymore really.