Dexter Game Coming to iPhone (Murder Sim?)

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Is GTA 4 a murder simulator? Probably not, but any game based on Showtime's Dexter damn well better be. According to a tweet by TV squad, a Dexter game is on its way to the iPhone and will be detailed later tonight at the Dexter Comic-con panel. Will we be able to use the iPhone's accelerometer to bludgeon victims? Or cut up body parts by drawing them (with multiple fingertips) on the screen? Only time will tell-because Dexter himself surely won't. [TVSquad]



They just need a skin for the Hitman games. It'd fit perfectly. Actually, after thinking about it. Dexter is totally a Hitman rip-off. The Meat King mission, trained (bred) to be a killer. It all fits. But I still love Dexter.