Did This Random Craigslist Phone Just Spill the Beans on a WP8 Update?

Want the latest software updates for your phone? You can just wait like a pleb, or you can go buy handsets on Craigslist and hope to get lucky. Apparently Windows Phone Central user xs2k did the latter when he just happened to buy a phone with the latest, unreleased Windows Phone 8 OS on it.


xs2k made a video of himself using the phone and showing off WP8 GDR3 (Windows Phone 8 General Distribution Release 3), making this either the real deal or a seriously involved hoax. New features include a driving mode that can mute calls and texts when you're on the go, the ability to close apps in multitasking view, screen rotation, custom notification sounds, and more.

According to The Verge—which says it can confirm that the leak is legit—the new software would/will debut with the big ol' Lumia 1520 we saw leaked the other day and an HTC device. But Lumia things are still kind of up in the air what with Microsoft's recent acquisition of Nokia's phone-making bits.


If you want those juicy features on your Windows Phone, you'll have to wait a little, but rumor has it the update should be rolling out to existing phones later this year. In the meantime there's always Craigslist. [Windows Phone Central, The Verge via CNET]

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You know, slowly but surely WP is coming around. In about 5-8 years I can definitely see myself owning one...