Did You Oversleep Because Your iPhone OS Alarm Failed Today?

Remember the iPhone recurring alarm DST bug that affected Australians and Europeans, making them oversleep? Well, I didn't. It just happened to me and I'm sure it has happened to you too. If it did, write to us in the comments.


The United States changed to Daylight Saving Time yesterday. Apple's iOS has a bug that deactivates all its recurring alarms when Daylight Saving Time is activated on all their devices—which is something that happens automatically. The DST change happened yesterday.

As a result, it's probable that millions of Americans have failed to wake up on time this Monday, because they have their wake up alarms to go off only on work days—I forgot about it myself, even while I've been receiving reports in my mail from Australia and Europe during the past few days.

Some people are reporting that the bug still happened even while they remembered to reset everything in their iPhones. The recurring alarm clock didn't activate at the set time on Sunday or today. Currently, the only solution seems to set the alarm manually every day.

If the bug has happened to you, please write to us in the comments and pass this around to your friends with iPhones, so they can report about it too.



sigh...i thought it was just hyperbole when people said it before, but gizmodo really is a fluffer for apple. no actually relevant tech stories, and asinine articles like this? or maybe one about a sticker for the back of your iphone so it looks like the front? what the dick. i had to go to engadget to find out that w7 phones were on pre-order today. disappointing...