Digital Cowboy DCT-PM1 Dual-Pointer Mouse: Solution in Search of a Problem?

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The quest for uniqueness in mousedom has reached its pinnacle with Digital Cowboy Japan's DCT-DPM1, touted as the worlds first, and perhaps last, dual-pointer mouse. With this five-button pointing device, there's a button on the left side that lets you shift between the two cursors that are enabled by the included driver software. The idea is that you can park one cursor in one place, and then move the other cursor somewhere else to select a different part of the user interface. Then, when you push that cursor change button, you immediately have control of a different part of the screen without having to move your mouse. Available this month in Japan for $25.


Perhaps this would be useful in some dual-monitor setups, or in a spreadsheet where you're controlling a cell and selecting items on the menu bar with the other cursor. Even so, at first glance it seems like a downright goofy, marginally useful idea. Readers?

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