Unless you're incredibly organized, it's highly likely that you have different music tracks dotted around different devices, which can turn digital DJing from a celebration of music to a mess of jumbled cables quicker than you can shout "tune". Pioneer's new digital decks, however, swap wires for Wi-Fi.

The new XDJ-AERO, you see, can suck music directly from up to four different devices—smartphones, tablets, laptops, whatever—via Wi-Fi. You can also create chunks of playlist on a device before the big event, then drag them to the decks ready cued up, so that you can spend time thinking about what should come next.


Elsewhere, it works pretty much like any other set of digital decks: it has a built-in 24-bit audio interface, a two-channel mixer, and all manner of cue-point triggers, FX and filters that you'll probably never know how to use properly.

The XDJ-AERO is going to be available later this month, for the princely sum of $1,400. Whether that's worth it probably depends on how disorganized you are and how little you like wires. [Pioneer]

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