Digital Wrench Charges $323 To Tell You When Bolts Are Tight

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If you have been tightening bolts to the point where you can't turn the wrench anymore, I'm here to tell you that you have been doing things all wrong caveman. Digital is the way to go.

Only a digital wrench like this one can give you the peace of mind that comes with a mathematically precise torque reading. Just be careful not to choke up on the wrench too much, because "the torque meter uses the distance from the leverage point to the bolt head to calculate torque, so moving your hand closer to the bolt head will throw off its reading."

You would be a fool to spend $5 on a regular wrench when an easy to use digital version can be had for only $318 more. Why, it practically pays for itself in all of the projects that won't fall apart from here on out because you used too much torque on a bolt. Too bad Billy Mays isn't around to see this glorious day. He would have understood the power and potential of this groundbreaking product. [Japan Trend Shop via RGS via Crunchgear]

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Two months and this will be $9.99 at Harbor Freight.