Dim the Lights and Feast Your Eyes on Netflix’s Jughead Hamburger Porn

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Netflix has confirmed it’s adding the first season of CW’s Riverdale on Thursday, giving everyone a chance to dive into one of the weirdest teen dramas on television. But, Netflix knows what’s been missing from the first season, and decided to grant fans their deepest, darkest desire: Jughead hamburger porn.

Riverdale’s season finale aired on Thursday and has already been renewed for season 2. Show creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased that the second season will likely be about Archie on a path of revenge— struggling to be a hero, despite his pain, after someone close to him got shot. Of course, the biggest moment of the episode wasn’t (spoilers) Fred getting shot... but Jughead finally eating a goddamn hamburger. Still, it wasn’t enough, and audiences clamored for more burger-chomping action.


Cole Sprouse and Netflix... thank you.