Interdimensional portal to hell opens in Norway—or something like that

I guess this "Norefjell 2014-01-05. En stille skitur, plutselig skjer det noe 50 meter fra løypa. Kraftlinje på 132 kV tilhørende EB nett. Overslaget varte i minst 5 minutt" roughly translates to "Norefjell January 5, 2014. Bad news people, an interdimensional portal 50 meters high has opened in the forest. 132 demons have went through it in the last 5 minutes." God help us all.

P.S. Google Translate try: "Norefjell [a mountain range in Norway] 2014-01-05. A quiet skiing, suddenly something happens 50 feet from the trail. Power line at 132 kV corresponding EB-line. The estimate lasted at least five minute." I prefer mine.

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k2b: da man trynta steal mah bloggy!!!!!!!

Nope. It's just viral marketing for Skyblivion.