DirecTV's iPhone App Browses, Searches and Sets Recordings

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The DirecTV iPhone App is available now, and can let you browse 2 weeks of shows, set recordings and control more than one DVR in the house. And, it's free.


TUAW says this is much, much better than the web-based method, and works well on 3G or EDGE. It requires one of the compatible models, and can even set a recording two minutes before a show starts. If you have a DTV DVR and an iPhone, you should get this. [App Store via TUAW]

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Maikel Andre, or anyone that can answer this, could you verify something for me? I just got DirecTV HD-DVR but I have not connected it to the internet (because I'll need to purchase a wireless-to-ethernet adapter), but I imagine for this to work I would need my DVR connected, correct? It's not as if the commands come down the satellite feed? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I just want to verify that fact before I make the purchase of a $50-$90 product.