Disappearing Glaciers, Magical Paint, FBI Webcam Spying and More

This week we had some bad news: glaciers disappearing at a shocking rate and reports that the FBI can spy on anyone's laptop camera without the indicator light coming on. On the bright side, we also learned that someday you'll never have to worry about inserting a USB upside-down. So that evens out, right?

Step Inside the U.S. Military's Advanced Weapons R&D Mini-City


Picatinny Arsenal is considered its own municipality by the New Jersey State government—which makes sense, given its 6,500 acre property. The difference between it and a normal town is that, inside Picatinny, nearly 2,500 engineers and scientists work with advanced weapons systems, military-grade 3D printers, and enough ammunition for multiple branches of the U.S. military. Gizmodo got inside.

This Incredible Portrait of Morgan Freeman Was Painted on an iPad

Remember iPad art? Like those New Yorker covers that look, well, basically just okay? Or the hobby that David Hockney had for like ten seconds? Well British artist Kyle Lambert's been practicing, and he's gotten good. Like, photorealism good.

The Last Days of the DSLR


The DSLR is everywhere. You see it around the necks of tourists, against the faces of pro photographers. Since Canon introduced the Digital Rebel in 2003, the DSLR has come to dominate photography outright. That ubiquity is about to come to an end so abrupt, you might not even have time to notice it.

Grand Canyon completely flooded by clouds in "once-in-a-lifetime" event


You're looking at the Grand Canyon completely flooded by clouds, "a once in a lifetime event," according to park ranger Erin Whittaker. It didn't only happen once, she says, but two times in only three days.

FBI can secretly turn on laptop cameras without the indicator light


Scary. Insane. Ridiculous. Invasive. Wrong. The Washington Post reports that the FBI has had the ability to secretly activate a computer's camera "without triggering the light that lets users know it is recording" for years now. What in the hell is going on? What kind of world do we live in?

Those Mexican Cobalt-60 Thieves Will Die of Radiation Exposure


Those Mexican thieves that stole a truckload of cobalt-60? They're virtually sure to die, according to experts.

Revealed: Pentagon's new superspy plane hiding in secret Area 51 hangar


This is the RQ-180, the Pentagon's new super-spy plane, which has been secretly developed for years. Unlike Lockheed Martin's SR-72 Son of Blackbird, Aviation Week & Space Technology reports that this stealth beast is already flying across the restricted airspace over Area 51.

Shocking before and after photos show the effects of climate change


This is the Muir Glacier in Alaska, shot in August, 1941 and August, 2004. It's only one example in NASA's new Images of Change app. Seeing the unbelievable effect of just a few decades of climate change in the following before and after photos is a sad and sobering experience.

I want to dip everything in this magic hydrocoating water paint


Everything I own, everything I will buy, every fiber of my body, everything in this world should be dipped into water paint. The hydrocoating process is popular in weapons and helmets but really deserves to be shmeared all over the world. We might have to come up with better designs but I never want to use a paint brush to paint again.

There's Going To Be a New, Reversible USB Plug


Holy mother of all things long overdue. After years of subjecting us to fumbling and rotating cables blindly behind devices around the world, the powers that (US) be have decided to make a Universal Serial Bus plug that is reversible.

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