A good soundtrack will add to whatever it's a part of. A great soundtrack will do that and stand on its own. This is one of the latter. "Majesty" is but one of many tracks off the soundtrack for a little game called Fez (which you should play if you own an Xbox 360 and a soul, but that's beside the point) and it stands as a great example of a chill, ambient album that really rocks.


Written by Rich "Disasterpeace" Vreeland, the whole Fez soundtrack is great background music for writing or drawing or mopping the floor or whatever, and "Majesty" with its swelling, anthemic crescendo is definitely one of the album's highlights. That said, there's a sort of sweeping variety to the whole collection and it definitely deserves a listen in full, so throw it on next time you need a little white noise and see where it takes you. [Spotify, Bandcamp]