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Dish Network's New Blockbuster Streaming Service Offers More Movies than Netflix (Updated)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Watch out Netflix, big blue's coming for you. Dish Network subscriptions are getting bundled up with a new service called Blockbuster Movie Pass, which includes Blockbuster's DVD-by-Mail and a new media streaming service. The bottom line? More titles than Netflix.

The combination satellite, mail, and streaming service is pretty massive: 100,000 DVDs by mail, 4,000 movies streaming by web, and 3,000 to your TV. In keeping with the old Blockbuster plans, you'll be able to exchange your movies in store and get access to 3,000 games by mail.

Adding the new streaming service will start at $10 a month for existing Dish Network subscribers—expect to pay more if you want more than one DVD at a time. New subscribers will get one year free if they subscribe before the end of January. What about the rest of us? Too bad! Blockbuster Movie Pass wiil be available only to Dish Network subscribers—at least for now.


Should Netflix be shaking in its boots? The $10 plan would be a no-brainer if I subscribed to cable or satellite. Netflix's combination DVD and streaming costs $16 per month and doesn't offer games, or in-store exchange, which I always thought was a convenient feature. Blockbuster says it has more than anyone else, but Netflix's streaming library of 20,000 titles will probably keep a lot of people hanging on—no matter how disaffected they are with Netflix after the company's recent missteps. [Dish Network]