Disney+ Will Fix Borked Aspect Ratio on The Simpsons by May

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Disney+, home of the first 30 seasons of The Simpsons, says its promised fix for the aspect ratio that cropped some visual jokes from the series when it first arrived on the service should be implemented by the end of May.

Shortly after its launch last November, Disney+ came under fire from fans of the series who pointed out that the service cropped the earlier seasons of the show that were produced with a 4:3 aspect ratio in order to force those episodes to fill the full screen of the 16:9 TVs that most people use these days.

In response, the company said in November that it would “roll out new features and additional viewing options” that would allow users to choose their preferred aspect ratio. It appears that a few months later the company is prepared to actually roll out a fix.


In a tweet on Thursday, the company said it would make the first 19 seasons available to stream in their original aspect ratio by the end of May.

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DL Thurston

When they were on the FX app, 16x9 was the default, but 4x3 was an option. As was the DVD commentary tracks as an audio option. Would love to get those back, too, as they are some of the better commentary tracks out there.