Displace Keebler Elves and Squirrels with the iTree iPhone Dock

Nothing says rugged outdoorsman like a hollowed out tree trunk with an iPhone connected to it. That's not actually true. But the iTree iPhone/iPod dock would fit perfectly in a ski lodge, cabin, or Ewok dance club.

Created by KMKG studios, each iTree is custom built using trees from the forests of Austria and is expertly hollowed out to produce optimal sound. Customers can choose the wood, length, and the technology they want included in their dock. If you're a jet setter and you can swing a trip to Austria, you can even pick the tree. Be sure to bring your favorite arborist because each iTree costs approximately $15,000.


Hipster Ewok DJs will be happy to learn that they can get a turntable installed into their iTree. Perfect for that post-Empire defeating party with the rebels. [KMKG via Geeky Gadgets]

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