Disturbing Billboard Bleeds When It Rains

The local government in Papakura, New Zealand isn't screwing around when it comes to road safety. Their new bleeding billboard campaign takes a Red Asphalt approach that they hope will creep out reckless drivers.


Let me be the first to say "mission accomplished." Kids are creepy anyway, but throw in a system that leeches blood when it rains and you just might scare people into giving up their cars entirely. Not surprisingly, the billboards have been effective. Since they were put in place, there hasn't been a single fatal accident in the area. [Neatorama via Buzzfeed]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

There's a key piece of information missing, how long have they been in place? Anyone can say there hasn't been a single accident since they are in place if it's only been a day.