DivX in Vista Media Center? You Can Now!

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If you upgraded to Vista and wondered why your Media Center crashed every time you watched a DivX file, take a look at this. An open source plugin that uses Microsoft's FFDShow decoder makes it so you can play back DivX, Xvid, and H.264 just like you could in Windows Media Center 2005.


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FFDShow Media Control [eHomeUpgrade]


In short: Media center in Vista has always been able to play back any file for which there was a Direct Show filter installed. FFDshow is an open source DShow filter that takes a lot of code from the open source world (like the ffmpeg library) and makes it into one big DShow filter.

Anything ffdshow can play, so can Vista MCE.

I'm using the beta1 of the new stuff from this site. It's a fork of the old project (thus the strange name).