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DIY Kyoto Wattson: Attaching a Number to Your Energy Thirst

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you're feeling paranoid about how much power you're using, hook up the Wattson, which consists of a meter that you attach to your main power supply and the wireless unit pictured above, which gives you a portable readout of how many kilowatts you're consuming.

The wireless aspect of Wattson is intriguing, where you could walk around your house, unplugging some of the more piggish appliances, and seeing the impact it has on your power usage. Each unit is handmade, so it takes eight weeks to get one into your hands. Available online for $607.50.


London-based DIY Kyoto is getting with the program; it's we Kyoto Accord-shirking yet energy-hogging Americans who should be saying, "Come here Wattson, we want you."

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