DIY Lamp Requires No Glue, Nails or Screws

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You can build this lamp yourself with no glue, nails or screws...but there's a small catch. You'll need access to a CNC machine. Still game? Of course you are!


Constructed of 547 polypropylene pieces pumped through a 3-axis CNC (for fabrication), the Strømg Lump Leaks lamp weaves together as an homage to the original Holger Strøm IQ light. Should you be compelled to build your own, the designer, Lumper, has made his complete plans available free of charge. Just don't attempt to sell any products based upon his design, or I imagine you'll end up trapped in some sort of interwoven prisons that, while intellectually stimulating, will do nothing for your social life. [Thingiverse via MAKE]

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I've got a 3 axis CNC in my garage. It's workspace is about 12"x10"x3"You would need a pretty big CNC machine to work with the sheet sizes he's using.