Illustration for article titled DIY Laser Security System Will Entrap Any Burglar Except Catherine Zeta Jones Ass

What do you do when you have a few transistors, some capacitors, a lot of mirrors, a bunch of HandiTak and one laser? If you are McGyver, probably a intercontinental ballistic missile interceptor. If you are Kipkay, you'll do a laser-based home alarm system similar to the one used in Entrapment, the movie. And if this wasn't a good enough excuse to post the picture above, you can jump to see the video on how it is all done.


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All this is great, but what the heck is El Zorro doing with a Maglite? And does the inventor have a side-job as voice-over actor for QVC? These are the questions that bug me about this whole thing, but Catherine makes up for all of them. [Instructables]


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