Do We Live in the Future Already?

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Do we already live in the future? Sometimes, it seems like yes (smart phones and super fast trains!). Other times, it seems like no (freeway traffic and not that many robots). Today, we want to know what currently existing technology makes you feel like we might already be living in the future.


Leave your candidates for things that make you feel like you're in the futuristic present in the comments below. Pictures too, please!

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My kids can watch anything they want whenever they want. From the computer. From the internet. Pause, rewind, repeat. Switch shows with a couple of buttons.

I remember having to RUN home from school so I didn't miss the beginning of Robotech or Doctor Who. Couldn’t watch Wild Wild West because it was during soccer. This means that when my kids complain "We never get to watch ANYTHING!" I laugh at them. Long and loud.