Do You Use Hygiene Gadgets?

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I was at a friend's house the other day and I noticed that she and her roommates all use electric toothbrushes. There were three of them charging in a row on the windowsill. With all the electric razors, bathroom scales, hairdryers and weird electric face cleansing scrubby things out there I started wondering if I should be smart-primping too. What are the advantages to plugging in? Go through your morning routine below.

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i have an electric toothbrush and after having to use a normal tooth brush for 2 weeks ( i was camping) .... i finally got to the conclusion that i like a normal toothbrush more..and i think you brush your teeth better because you use your effort ( about 30 seconds to a minut of arm power) instead of the boring zzzzzzzzz that you feel never ends .. ( but only lasts about 10 seconds) . :D