Doctor Who Tardis USB Hub

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Unfortunately we're neither British nor Doctor Who fans, so this USB Tardis Hub doesn't really excite us as much as, say, a USB Battlestar Galactica hub or a USB Jack Bauer hub. But we're sure some of our readers love the good Doctor and would love to plug in their gadgets to his four-port Tardis.

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t3knomanser says:

Apparently there are more ports on the inside than the outside.

LOL, only way to find out would be to pop it open with a Thanko USB sonic screwdriver. But that assumes you have an opening on one of the outer four plugs. On the other hand, plugging it into isself from the outside in would create a paradox of time and we can't risk that. If this thing even makes the "outgoing TARDIS" noise I am so sold.

I nearly fell off my chair when I realized the actor who played the doctor in season one (of the new episodes, not the oldies) is the invisible man in Heroes. I didn't recognize him at first with that beard. The aha! moment was when he said "Fan-ta-stic!"