There Are Plans to Bring Modern Superhero Classic Black Hammer to the Big Screen

Kevin Feige talks about Marvel’s plans for The Eternals. There’s wild rumors about who else could join Westworld’s third season. Go behind the scenes on Aquaman’s underwater filming. Plus, the first details from the last two episodes of Doctor Who season 11, and a new look at Elseworlds. Spoilers go!

Kevin Feige Teases Marvel's Plans For Disney's Streaming Service

Mark Wahlberg has an update on his Six Million Dollar Man adaptation. Newt Scamander has sibling issues in a new Crimes of Grindelwald clip. The BBC and Netflix lift the lid on their new Watership Down adaptation. Plus, Doctor Who might not get a Christmas special this year but still air a special episode. Spoilers,…

See the Steps That Led to Jodie Whittaker's Grand Doctor Who Comic Debut Next Week

Next week, the 13th Doctor’s official comic series finally kicks off. But while it’s the big debut for both the character and her creative team, it’s not the first time we’ve seen her in action in the pages of Titan’s Doctor Who comics—and io9 has got a sneaky look at just how those tidbits tie into next week’s

Average Face of Every Doctor Who Star Is a Reminder We're Very Glad Regeneration is a Complete Renewal

On Doctor Who, the process of regeneration for a Time Lord is a profound, excruciating transformation. Every cell of their being explodes with celestial energy, transforming their entire being. It’s probably for the best though, considering that if every Time Lord kept a bit of their past self, they’d look like the…