Does Anyone Actually Want an E-Ink Smartphone?

E-ink is great for eReaders because it doesn't draw a lot of power, has good contrast, and works great in direct sunlight. But reading is a very specific application. Would anyone want an e-ink phone? Would you? [ via Slashgear]

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Would be great for a work phone, or how about tablets for people who work outdoors?

(how about adding water-resistance, since the focus seems to be outdoors?)

And excellent battery life - except each of those screen redraws uses quite a bit of juice, I wonder how it compares to an LCD in this particular application.

(an e-reader, you inherently have one page up for several minutes - very infrequent screen redraws)

But would be terrible for a consumer device - no video capability, very limited game capability, etc.

Maybe if the price was right, though, and to the right people.