Domino’s Says This Is the Ultimate Pizza Delivery Vehicle

This is the ultimate pizza delivery vehicle, according to Domino's which held a public design challenge to come up with the best car to drive pizzas around. It's small, it has sliding doors, a rear-view camera and sliding shelves for the pizzas.

Sadly, it's not a real car and just a design made by Anej Kostrevic from Slovenia but I would absolutely love to live in a future where such pizza delivery vehicles existed. Can you imagine seeing these on the road? Like seeing an Ice Cream truck, this Ultimate Pizza Vehicle would make me want to immediately get pizza. Here's a deeper explanation:

It has multiple storage solutions to enable the driver a comfortable ride and easy access to everything he needs. Navigation system or maps are stored on the large touchscreen display and are easy to use. For the night deliveries the vehicle has an auxilary light integrated in the right side mirror illuminating the suroundings. Sodas and salads are cooled via air conditioning in the side box next to driver or in teh back drawer. Interior has multiople storage solutions to keep all required elements at hand.


Make it happen Domino's. [Local Motors via Design Taxi]

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