Donald Trump Thinks He's the President From Independence Day Now or Something

The aliens were not fond of iconic American buildings.
The aliens were not fond of iconic American buildings.
Image: 20th Century Fox

Who knows.

As shared by the Hollywood Reporter, and by the President’s ridiculous Twitter account, Donald Trump recently posted a video, with no context, of the president’s speech from Independence Day. You know the one, about fighting aliens and celebrating how rad Bill Pullman is. Only, instead of Bill Pullman’s face, someone has lazily edited Trump’s face over the footage, with various onlookers and cast members replaced by conservatives like Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and the President’s own large adult son, Donald Trump, Jr.


Presumably, this is meant to draw a comparison between the President and Pullman’s fictional president, Thomas J. Whitmore, a former pilot who leads the world to victory against an army of invading aliens with good old-fashioned grit, the power of Mac computers, and a very ‘90s feeling of American ascendancy. Whereas Donald Trump is a former bad TV star who has coasted on his own naive jingoism to willfully surrender to a plague. As THR put it, in a textbook example of journalistic restraint, “It is unclear why Trump hijacked the moment.”

Among the many confused by this tweet is actor Bill Pullman, who played Whitmore and found, likely much to his own distress, Donald Trump’s face staring at him where his own should be. “My voice belongs to no one but me, and I’m not running for president— this year,” Pullman told the Hollywood Reporter.

While also a little concerning—maybe no actors should run for president, just spitballing here?—Pullman’s statement is an apt response. Also, like, does that what Trump think his voice sounds like?

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How fucking embarrassing must it be to be a supporter of Donald Trump? Like, Jesus christ, he’s actually fucking with these people; “look what I can do, these assholes will eat it up and ask for seconds!”