Don't Hold Your Breath For a Download-Only PS4

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Awaiting a download-only PS4 after clamping eyes on the PSPgo? Sony Computer Entertainment's CEO Kaz Hirai told MCV that it's a long way off—specifically, the "digital future is over ten years away." [MCV via Kotaku]


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I hope that the naysaying from powerhouses like Sony serve more to their detriment than it does as an impedance on the improvement of content delivery in the future.

Solid media can coexist with a download alternative. The more and more content we consume, be it applications, movies, music what have you, that's more space download options spared you. I don't want much of anything on a disc unless it's actually something crucial to my device, such as an OS disc or some other bootable volume for my computer.

I agree with the sentiment that this is Sony thinking more about its Blu-Ray format than anything else.